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Jungkook flu fanfic

Hey irene! I agree with u so much. Being kpop is not a downgrade from something. They are not doing it. I hoped boy with love would change my mind, but it just made me sigh even more. A flying shark? Poorly drawn huge bts members crawling like fucking sleep paralysis demons? Not my cup of tea.

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Also i kind of feel like the boys are very tired themselves. This thing about them thinking about disbanding in and the attitude they have rn. I feel like they never thought they would actually be THIS huge and they are just tired. His voice is one of the best in the group? Also probably the most stable and he still can do nothing with it.

I know you can say that they are busy and he has enough money not to do anything and stuff, but jin was always that person who showed his dissatisfaction in the amount of lines he gets and stuff like that, he came here from a rich family to start with, he always wanted to do more. If you take just a tiny step back, away from all of this, you can clearly see that army is the most toxic fandom in kpop rn.

They are not? We were just doing our thing, enjoying our fave group, doing their thing. That I enjoy more. I went with that, a lot of people did too. Not in any way. And honestly it never was.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words At the age of twenty, you would find out how much time you have left. How much time you have left until you bite the dust, that is.

With a small shock, the time would appear on a little white rectangle on your wrist, and you would know how much longer you have to live, down to the very second.

jungkook flu fanfic

Taehyung didn't understand when he was younger. But now Taehyung wasn't sure if he wanted to know anymore. Not now. Jeongguk has friends who always make him laugh and smile. He doesn't want to admit it, but he feels lonely in some way. He won't say it's true, but yes, he is love deprived. So one evening, he went home from his friends' party, not expecting the man he painted before leaving his apartment, is now alive and breathing. Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jeongguk are horny college dudes with common college problems who happen to be shit at dealing with feelings.

This kind of combination never lead up to somethin good. He assumes it takes something a lot more complicated than a drunk man asking for a sex demon to show up for it to actually happen. Something like cutting your hand and letting your blood drip onto the petals of a rare flower.

Or saying something religious into a mirror while doing the Macarena. Jungkook meets Taehyung in a dirty club with terrible music and harsh lights that color his skin blue. Jungkook has just started feeling lonely when he meets Taehyung, who seems to have been lonely his entire life.

A series of kidnappings and killings has led the world to the astonishing discovery that vampires have been living alongside humans for centuries. And it seems they're just as bloodthirsty and twisted as ancient lore makes them out to be. So when Jungkook finds himself the victim of a kidnapping that's perhaps not as nefarious as he initially thought, why is nothing the way that he thought it would be? Now he's been roped into helping a sick, red-haired vampire against his will.

But the more he explores and discovers in this new world, the faster and harder he falls into Wonderland.

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He kissed the palm of his hand, his lips soft and plump against the rough skin. He felt his eyes soften as he looked at Jungkook, and he smiled slightly. Kim Taehyung didn't know what to expect when he was hired to protect the son of South Korea's most notorious gang leader, but he certainly never expected to fall in love with him.Summary: Jungkook meets a cute clerk at the convenience store nearby and things get complicated fast.

Hey guys just thought I should give a little update I am starting off with a sequel to sudden realization since it had been requested I am working on 2 different short stories and a couple one shots just need to edit and then done! I would like to apologize for being MIA for so long…starting in the new decade I have deleted some of the requests I have on my inbox only because I have let them sit their for so long but please go ahead and send some new requests!

Once again I am very sorry…. I know it says updating but I wanted to read whatever you have. Can you give me a link?? Do you have any cheating stories? Maybe she gets revenge by doing the same xD. Originally posted by dailydoseofanimescenery.

So hopefully I can start updating soon and more often I am currently working on a text series and another chapter series. Keep reading. Originally posted by tracyjleeart. Anonymous asked: jikook fanfic where jungkook is really sick during a concert and everyone knows but staff force him on stage and jimin is pissed but jungkooks suddenly faints during I need u and falls off stage.

Fans are screaming and jimin can barely move until he sees the blood on jk's head and then he's yelling and screaming and holding jk while shouting.

They find out he cut his head and has a concussion and will be fine and jimin is protective and serious because jungkook can barely see due to bruising. Hey Guys!

Anonymous asked: Will you maybe, possibly, if u wanna, continue the sudden realization fic?? Hey Followers I would like to apologize for being MIA for so long…starting in the new decade I have deleted some of the requests I have on my inbox only because I have let them sit their for so long but please go ahead and send some new requests! Anonymous asked: Hii. Could you do imagine with Jimi? That his girlfriend is a professional figure skater and one time they go to the I've rink and she teaches him how to skate and he's so and at it?

Btw I really love you work its so good!!! See this in the app Show more.Originally posted by helloangiemccartney. Originally posted by jeonsdear.

jungkook flu fanfic

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BTS JUNGKOOK FF ( ONE SHOT) i'm sorry (21+)

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Originally posted by sugasuite. Originally posted by yccnseok-archive. These are just a few reasons why I love and care for Min Yoongi. I tried to but there was just something wrong with my tumblr. A few days passed and I finally got a response. But if someone wants to message me and become friends then you can follow me on my insta!

Originally posted by bangtan-oppa. Originally posted by nochujungkookie. Originally posted by taelatte. Originally posted by taesscripts. Originally posted by jiminnieseyesmile. Originally posted by hopeworldsavedmylife.

jungkook flu fanfic

Originally posted by jkookisdaddy. Originally posted by btsneeds. Originally posted by dearbangtansonyeondan. Originally posted by taetaeseokkie. Originally posted by bangtanshizzle. Credits go to original owners! When your best friend Yoongi and your boyfriend Jungkook are watching you dancing to their choreography.I wrote this fanfic a while ago for a bigger project.

But since Highlight Reel changed the timeline I don't quite know, if I can use these parts. I did this fanfic for every member, but only translated Jungkook for now. Let me know if you would want to read the rest. It was as if the world has stopped moving. Everything was still, nothing was important anymore. He was numb for the world, he was numb about his feelings. Nothing was important anymore.

Deep in thoughts he walked through the streets. He was numb. Because nothing was important anymore. It was over, he did it. But somehow not.

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His thoughts circled around this topic. He questioned, if they had been able to prevent it. He questioned, if they were to blame. He questioned, if they could have done something that would have prevented it from happening.

Jungkook wondered, since when he had it planned. Why he did it. They could have worked it out together. But Jin did make his choice to cope with it alone. To work it out alone. But it was over.

Jin did not work it out on his own. They have said he had an overdose from sleeping pills. Jin just wanted to make sure.What are you doing? Don't tell me you're still asleep.

[Fanfic] Jungkook - A numb feeling

I couldn't deny it, I was sick. Like really sick, probably the flu or some horrible virus. But today was not the time for that, because we had to do the radio show.

And I couldn't let the fans down. And not to mention, the other members. I had to do it, even though I would probably die in the attempt. I looked at myself in the reflection of my phone. I couldn't let them know I was sick. They would not allow me to leave the house for an eternity. And then they would have to postpone the radio show I knew Manager-nim hated that. But God, I looked terrible.

My head was pounding really badly and my body was aching all over. I probably looked like someone who haven't slept in a hundred years. I heard Jin walk away from the door and I slowly rose from the bed and stumbled over to my closet to find some comfortable clothes to wear, which happened to be the biggest hoodie I could find and some sweatpants.

Yeah, I'm fine. Just really fucking tired and someone woke me up," I said and managed to make a fake yawn followed by a fake smile.

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I quickly turned my face away from them. If they got the chance to look at me for a longer time they could guess I was lying. Want something? Thank you. Wait… where we are going. Yoongi ignored me and left the room. You don't have to come if you don't want. Dance practice right now would surely be the end of me, and with everyone going to the studio, it gave me time to fix my sickly face. Yoongi called me over, telling me to get my water.

I walked to the kitchen, and I started to feel a bit peckish so I looked in the bread bin. We need some other stuff too. You'll just have to live with it for now, or find something else to eat" Yoongi walked around me to find his phone, keys, and wallet.Synopsis : When you are sick, the last thing you want to do is call your boyfriend for help. But somehow, he finds out anyways.

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The room around you spins; the light from your window is much too bright on one side. Emily tsks under her breath, making a disappointed sound. This is what boyfriends are for — getting things off the top shelf and taking care of you when you are sick. Emily hangs up, leaving you staring at the phone in your hand. You can only hold that position for so long before another wave of coughing hits.

The coughing is gross — the nasty, phlegmy kind which practically chokes every breath. On top of all that, your sinuses are a mess, your body aches, and you are ninety percent sure you have a fever. Wearily, you fall back on your pillows. Emily is right, you really should call someone because you have zero medication in the apartment and zero ability to get it yourself.

Each time you try to stand, you are gripped by fatigue so severe you sit right back down again. But you need to get up. You need to use the bathroom, if nothing else and — gripping your bed, then your wardrobe — you slowly make your way, inch by inch, to the door. When you finally reach the toilet, you collapse on its lid. While you ponder how best to do this, your phone rings on the counter.

You stare at this for a moment.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

It seems to zoom in and out, varying distances away and you will it to stay still while you stand from the toilet. Exhaling lowly, you glance at yourself in the mirror.

A greasy, unattractive mess stares back at you. Jungkook has never seen you like this before. Jungkook is not allowed to see you like this — not yet, at least. You two have only been dating for three months.

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