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Takp beastlord

The original source of much of this information may not be strictly applicable to p, so those knowledgeable about each class should make corrections. All pets summoned on Project are subject to level variance, meaning that a level within the range specified is randomly selected when you summon a pet.

Reagents are cheap and you should be carrying multiple stacks of them at all times, so invariably you want to re-summon until you get a max pet, whether soloing or in a group. The added damage and HPs of your max pet will be well worth while over the life of your group and especially if you're soloing.

This is true for all pet classes. The only way to be sure you have a max pet is to look at its damage output. At some levels you may be able to con the pet, but later on, your pet will always be blue, so its max hit is the only real clue to its level. If he's not hitting for max, recycle it. Spell: Reclaim Energy is your friend. There are numerous clicky items in game with this effect. The mage focus items can be clicked from inventory and as such used by all pet classes.

In general this means that if a weapons damage is greater than the pets innate damage, the pets maximum hit will increase. This maximum hit follows the standard damage tables by level. For instance, capped at 21 for a DMG: 10 weapon at low levels. A pet's attack delay is not affected by the delay on a given weapon. However, weapon slot choice is determined by delay i. In classic, pets must be given two 1H weapons in order to dual wield.

Pets gain innate dual wield at level 39 based on forum reports, needs confirming. Dual wielding pets will eventually stop accepting 2H weapons or shields reported to be in late 20s or 30s, needs confirming. Pets can equip items in these slots: primary weapon, secondary weapon, ranged weapon, shoulder, legs, chest, head, foot, hands, arms, back, face, and neck. Additionally, they can equip a single finger slot, a single wrist slot, and a single ear slot. Note: Pets cannot equip no drop items.

Pets do not follow race or class restrictions on items. Pets will gain stats from items, but note that armor slot choice is determined by AC i. Note: A simple HP ring test determined that charmed pets currently benefit from two rings and are not limited to a single ring.

This is a major change from the previous system, in which you only needed to do a single point of damage to the mob in order to get full experience. If you are grouped, you and your group will get full experience from the kill, regardless of how much damage the pet does.This is intended as a summary of places that would be good to level a Vah Shir beastlord for fast experience, roughly ordered by level.

I've camped all of the places mentioned, although not necessarily with a beastlord. No powerlevelling support is required, and there is an emphasis on solo spots, although I mention good group spots as well. I think that the fastest overall plan is to start here, and complete the vermin quests and the charm quest to level 4, plus a full set of stitched burlap from the spiders if you wish, then switch to the PoK quests from Vivian the True just for the exp, then move to Crescent Reach.

Switch back to the tutorial at 10, to at least 12, to cover the gaps in Crescent Reach exp. Collect small bags from the barrels in the kobold area. Just follow the quests here; I will add a guide for this at some point. From there isn't much need to grind, but exp thins out after this, and you may want to add in other zones. Kill large rats and snakes for loot; it helps if you have bags already, if not sell your first couple of plague rat tails for backpacks, even if you have to suffer Tubal Weaver's prices - there are also backpack sellers in South Qeynos and Surefall Glades.

The fire beetles and klikniks are social, so take care if you attempt these. The highest level mobs are the whiskered bats, apart from the higher klikniks. Gnoll pups drop bags rarely, and decaying skeletons drop weapons commonly. Stay at the Halas entrance, and kill all.

Ranger vs. Beastlord Tank

Watch out for the vengeful skeletons, as up to 6 or so they will kill you easily, and are impossible to distinguish from the common decaying skeletons. Collect spiderling silks and bear pelts for tailoring, and drops for the Field Priests newbie armor.

Use ruined pelts wolf as well as bear for skill ups after silk threads peak at 15, use the bear pelts to make armor to wear. The white polar bear skins and white wolf pelts?

Kill everything and collect drops for newbie quests in Shar Vahl.

Guide for Vah Shir Beastlords

Only the grimling skeletons and Tailfang will aggro. There are several different areas in here worth using to level.

Op multiclass 5e

Collect drops for Ghulam armor from all parts of the zone. To the south of the city entrance is a low level area for ; collect silks and hopper hides if you can for tailoring. North of the path from the city is a higher area forroughly. The far north zone wall is an excellent spot for the higher end of this range, with mostly static spawns of skeletons, which can drop a lot of swirling shadows for sale in the Bazaar, as well as quest drops.Discussion in ' General Discussion ' started by GrumpyJul 12, Log in or Sign up.

Ranger vs. Previous Thread Next Thread. Messages: Reading through the bard tank thread got me thinking What do you guys think - assuming both are well geared, would make a better tank? Beastlord or Ranger? And why?

EverQuest Power Leveling Guide - The Hatchery

Last edited: Jul 12, GrumpyJul 12, Messages: 2, All things being equal, Ranger; higher AC soft cap. LenasJul 12, All things are not equal, though, as Beastlords get Block while Rangers are stuck with Parry. But it seems both classes occupy that 'offensive class with enough defense to handle non-raid content in raid gear' slot that Monks do on P I wonder why I don't see more Beastlords using shields. It would seem to be a relatively small sacrifice when most of their damage comes from their pet anyway, and it's a pretty substantial increase in AC.

LoraenJul 13, I know nothing of beasty things. They get some defensive aa's too? Defensive AA would only set Beastlord and Ranger mitigation further apart, as they are all percentage increases. Last edited: Jul 13, LenasJul 13, Messages: 1, Don't beastlords get a stonestance disc like monks?

That would be way more effective than ranger discs as a tank. Weaponshield has like 1hr cooldown, stonestance was 10 minutes or less iirc. ElrozJul 13, And their flexibility is great for boxing. I think this combo would absolutely plow through dungeons.

And yet, I don't seem to see that many Beastlords.Premium Subscription Learn more about what a Premium Subscription can offer you. Click Here. Beast UI x You need to completely delete your old version and replace it with the new version.

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You will also need to download and reinstall the skin files for the Barbarian, Iksar, Ranger or Purple theme if you use one of them. Current for the Veil of Alaris expansion. See the patch and add-ons section above for the other skins that are available.

Works best at x and higher, x can be used with some effort Features: 1. Fur Texures with Brown buttons and gold trim 2. TKing Spellbook and Spell Gems 3. Tabbed Clicker slots and Charactor Stats 4. Weapon Swap slots 5. Many other little things that together make a balanced and functional UI. Well as title says. Anyone found a way to get working again? Mav; Hope you are doing well.

Any idea if you plan to update your UI for the last patch if you are still playing? Are you still playing bud? Last edited by Garaddor : at PM. Yo i quite EQ for long time since this UI wasnt working.

BUt now its working for the Beastloard. Can you get it working again for the ranger green. The brown just isnt to great for me. I play on a big lcd. So i need the green working again. Or just let me know what part to copy or paste etc etc into the beast UI folder. Thats fine also.It's been a busy raid schedule for NAG filled with non-stop action and adventures! We have been visiting all the expansions to tick things off the kill list. After enough crazy moon nonsense, it was time to rewind the clock to a more classic adventure of the dragon kind.

Mustering up our courage and risking it all in Veeshan's Peak, the most secluded dragons were slain. Just for good measure we also tried stacking up all the sleeping dragons to release Kerafyrm, but he remains elusive.

Making short work of all the Lords and Ladies, it was time to summon the most powerful dragon of them all. It's been a very busy and enjoyable few months keeping the Luclin factions at check and ensuring they remain within their enclaves.

We even made some new friends recently when we visited Thall Xundraux Diabo for the first time. We let the Akhevan servants rest for a few days to lull them into a false sense of safety, and then we returned with our freshly polished swords and dry-cleaned robes. As everyone knows, first order of business in the palace is to prune those dangerously over-sized tentacles. Looks like Diabo Xi Va is losing this round. It was time for some light entertainment.

Yeah, work it! Shine bright like a diamond! There's still some room for improvement. In order to boost DPS the guild here can be seen utilizing a newly developed vertical attack strategy which maximizes upper body damage instead of just biting at the shins and knees. This rude blob fellow with his dangerously un-pruned tentacles can be seen pushing the us away, and trapping poor Hooch in the corner.

Struggling to escape, Hooch attempts slashing his way to freedom. Meanwhile, the tentacle-trimming ritual continues. As the evening concludes our zen leader Inacht ponders the next raid as Aten Ha Ra strongly protests her new haircut.

And of course, our lizard sensei executes the famous sideboob-kamikaze finishing move to wrap up the raid. Trains were pulled, mezzes were broken, and monks were sacrificed.

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After washing up we found some shiny treasures, which motivated us to explore further in. Venturing deeper we bumped into some unfriendly four-armed janitors who told us to keep quiet as they polished the floor tiles. We mugged them, stole their keys, and found more treasures.

We begin out Vex Thal adventures with some key farming as we start to explore and learn the zone.

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We shall visit the Akhevan gatekeepers sometime in the near future, but for now here is a taster.Recipe Search Search by Item. Mediabox Archives War to Reclaim Gobb. Patch History. New to the Game? Progression Armor Raiding. Progression Armor. WT: 0. Grimling Forest an owlbear bloodspiller an owlbear fleshrender Hollowshade Moor a patrolling owlbear an owlbear bonegrinder an owlbear cub an owlbear fleshrender an owlbear gatherer An Owlbear Grappler an owlbear razorbeak an owlbear razorclaw an owlbear screechmaw Paludal Caverns a grimy owlbear cub a ravenous owlbear The Minnowgulper Yelloweyes.

Shar Vahl Vah Shir Smithing. Uploaded April 1st, by Drewinette. Quote Reply. I kept clearing out the caves for about 60 min, 0 drops so i decided to test out that island theory. Once the owlbears took over the islands I had 24 Wailing Substance in 11 min. Lets go to war! Mukie View User Forum. The drop rate was the same for me regardless of weather the owlbears controlled everything or not.

Wailing Substance. Nottall View User Forum. Owlbear Ravager and a Patrolling Owlbear dropped them for me as well. Soulglade View User Forum. I have cleared the Owlbear Cave many, many, times and never gotten this stuff from any of the listed mobs. The only mobs I've ever gotten it commonly from were the Owlbears that inhabit the islands to the south in Hollowshade Moor. They drop it quite frequently. RE: Wailing Substance.

Confirmed this drops off Yelloweyes about 1 out of 6 times. Cleared the cave a few times with my mage and got about 5 drops of these. The shrieking and waling substances will only drop in one place that i have seen in hallowshade moor.

The islands to the south of the zone are normaly inhabbited by grimlings. However during the hollow shade war it is possible for either the owl bears or the sonic wolves to take over this camp. If you farm these mobs either the wolves or the bears from these islands while they control them you will find the drop rate is roughly 1 for every ten killed.

In addition it is fairly easy to control the war to force either mob to spawn, so you can collect which item you need. There have been several very good posts on controling and starting the war so will save myself a long and laborous post. Good hunting. Deloehne View User Forum. I have looted Wailing Substance from owlbears inhabiting the caves to the east, half way up the map.Recipe Search Search by Item. Mediabox Archives War to Reclaim Gobb.

Patch History. New to the Game? Progression Armor Raiding. Progression Armor. Alaran Throwing Blade. Ancient Coldain Throwing Axe. Antonian Javelin. Axe of the Annihilator. Axe of the Brute. Axe of the Decimator. Axe of the Demolisher. Axe of the Destroyer. Found via this quest. Axe of the Eradicator.

Axe of the Mangler. Axe of the Sunderer.

Items by Slot: throwing

Axe of the Vindicator. Balanced War Axe. Barbed Fishing Net.

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