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Twilight volturi x child reader

The archaic architecture boldly separated itself from the common streets of Italy. Volterra, home to the Volturi and their guards, was a fort that remained strong throughout many centuries of turmoil and violence.

The city was captured by masses of stone walls which held their position and allowed no mercy, markets held within were lively with people trading and performers entertaining both locals and tourists. The town appeared warm and hearty, with the welcoming residents and the beautiful scenery surrounding the southern walls.

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But, only a few knew of the icy darkness which resided itself inside the walls, isolated to the mundane world. The Volturi, kept themselves hidden from the eyes and knowledge of humans, they were the enforcers of the vampire law. They played judge, jury and executioner. Aro, the leader of the coven, was gifted with the ability of Tactile telepathy.

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He was the leader and appears to be the most dominant of him, Marcus and Caius. He was a slender man with long opaque hair, his mate Sulpicia was everything he desired within a mate but the possibility of love was cloudy.

Marcus, and aged and downtrodden man, was physically aware but mentally and emotionally was a different subject. He was the co-founder of the Volturi, but his loyalty wavered but reinforced by Chelsea. He had his mate, Didyme, ripped away and left him broken and ill-fated.

Marcus had the greatest love that any vampire could ever wish for but he had also lost. The last and final leader was the white haired Caius, a callous and rigid man with no desire for mercy.

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A tight-fisted being, who had no recognized talent but entrusted with the position of executioner. He was extensively known throughout the vampire lore for being ruthless, he was a force to be reckoned with. Of late, he had found his mate and bloodsinger but originally he had joined the Volturi with his wife Athenodora. Allowed to stay and live, Athenodora lived with the castles tower keeping Sulpicia company.

The three kings governed the vampire world, removing any unnecessary links which may have caused problems or threatened the inauguration of the vampire world. Robes of black and crimson marched through the archives and halls of the castle, it was a tour day, a day which many humans payed no attention to but the knowing individuals grimaced for their pending doom.

Herded like sheep, the ingenuous tourists followed Heidi, a god like creature blessed with immortality and incomparable beauty, to the throne room where the three sovereigns perched on thrones, peering down upon them as they entered. Heavy, oaken doors bolted behind them, trapping them with their imminent doom. The tourists soon became prey and were slaughtered by the predators. Viscous liquid spilled onto the floor, the pearly marble floor now stained and tainted with innocence, the kings returned to their thrones and a stale, metallic smell was present within the atmosphere.

Swiftly, a towering figure burst into the throne room, not caring for the blood decorating the floor. She was a tall yet graceful individual, she was an attractive being yet she had a more natural appearance compared to Heidi. Aro thrusted himself upwards out of the throne and raised a hand expectantly, the woman allowed her hand to grasped by the raven haired monarch, a cackle arose from Aro. Originally posted by unpluggedfromsociety. Originally posted by phantom-evil.

Originally posted by study-real. Caius and I already told you an hour ago.

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They want to complete this commitment and I believe we should support that as their mates. We have forever with them, if we wait then they get what they want and we get what we want. Our brother is right Caius, we can support them but we need to push them in the right direction.Disclaimer: I don't own the Volturi, only my OC's! If I did, I would've married Aro. Please review! It was a normal day among the Volturi as the three leaders Aro, Caius, and Marcus settled in their thrones for their lunch to come.

twilight volturi x child reader

Heidi had already gone out to fetch some tourist and the guard were impatiently waiting. Heidi will be back with lunch shortly. He only chuckled in response before he perked up, hearing thirty or so beating hearts coming into the castle and Heidi's alluring voice bring them in.

Felix and Demetri had grabbed the handles of the door and opened them grandly, making it seem dramatic. Heidi walked in, leading the tourists inside before the door slammed shut.

All the tourist gasped in amazement at the stunning decorations in the throne room before taking notice of all the beautiful people in the room. Seeing the hungry black eyes, the fear began to spread as each and every tourist took notice.

Aro then stood up from his throne, focusing all the attention on him, and spread his arms out wide and grinned a feral grin. The first scream came from a man as Felix was the first to quench his thirst. The other quickly followed his example, none of them taking notice of the one figure who took to the shadows to hide and watch. As the last human was dropped, that's when Jane had taken notice of the figure.

Would you like me to take care of it? Before Aro could answer, a soft giggle came from the shadows. I'm not as tasty as you think. Because of the shadows, Jane couldn't see who it was but from the voice, she could tell it was a girl. The figure didn't move and when Caius was about to motion for Felix, that was when she stepped out. Jane's eyes widened while Alec merely raised his eyebrows. Felix had tilted his head while Demetri blinked rapidly.

I'm not one you would want to drink from. She wore a white collared dress with skinny black stripes going horizontally down with a white sash around her stomach that was tied behind her like a bow and another bow positioned in the center of the collar.

Wearing black kitty heels and her hair perfectly curled with straight bangs across her forehead, she would've been the symbol of cuteness if it weren't for her red eyes. How are you on this lovely day? The three leaders said nothing as Aro only stared, Caius halfway out of his seat in surprise with his mouth open in surprise, and Marcus sitting up from his usual slouch. The female only clasped her hands behind her, tilting her head when no response was made.

The guard bristled in hearing the unknown vampire speaking to their master in such familiar tone when Aro held a hand up, still staring at the girl. Flies will get in there.Summary; The trial is over now, but a new challenge arises. Author notes: Thank you all so much for the support on this series! Originally posted by ofallingstar. You had one year of mortality left, so it had been decreed. It was that or death, potentially by the hand of your own boyfriend if Caius had his way no doubt.

The movement against your back brought you out of your shell shocked state. You only just remembered that Felix was still standing by your side, and lifting your gaze up to his face you saw that he was speaking. Who was he speaking to? The arm around you tightened just a little bit more, his hand massaging your side in what you knew was an attempt to soothe you.

twilight volturi x child reader

Slowly lifting your head to meet him in the eye, you noted that he wore a rueful smile. A sadness has crept onto his perfect face and you wanted so badly to make that sadness disappear, to bring out that honest-to-all-hell ridiculously handsome smile of his.

As your eyes grew wide he cupped your face with his free hand. Keep reading. Esme upon finding out in passing conversation that Aro kissed Jane full on the mouth and then storming into Volterra to adopt the shit out of her and Alec.

I still have like 10 more to do though, I need to stop procrastinating! Originally posted by emptyhourglasses. The world was full of madness, mystery and endless possibilities, your mother always told you that even though the world was all those things you would always have to be kept a secret.

[Month of Macabre] "Nightmare Moon's Midnight Extravaganza" by Nebulus (2spooky, Yandere)

Like a lost whisper in a room of darkness; the world must stay unaware of your kind and the dangers they possessed. You were a witch to put it in blunt terms, the female counterpart of a wizard and vice versa. Although the outside world was unaware that such beings existed around them, they still somehow managed to make accurate depictions in their fantasy movies and novels.

At one point the wizarding council was thrown into a heated argument because some believed that a wizard or witch was working on these film productions to try and expose the Wizarding Society. In your case though, you loved to carry around your wand and perform magic with it. You were trained with wandless magic but you preferred the traditional way of doing things.He thought the idea was hilarious after Carlisle brought it up from his time as a doctor.

Caius makes everyone take off their shoes after Demetri and Felix wore seven inch heels five years in a row. Monday afternoons were probably your favorite; you and Demetri would soak in a bubble bath after a long Monday. Demetri would just grin so much that his cheeks would start to burn in an unseeable blush. He would be so happy that you played along rather than teased him for it, holding it over his head like Master Aro does. On Tuesday mornings, before going off to track, Demetri would wake you up early to take care of your hair.

You always complained how tangled it would get as you slept. So, when Tuesday mornings came around, he would begin his session of carefully brushing your hair, nearly soothing you back to sleep. When you were all but dozing off from the heavenly treatment, he would carry you back to the bed, tuck you in, and kiss your forehead before leaving for the day.

Every Wednesday, Demetri would give you a spa night. Demetri would paint your nails any color you wished but he always prefers you with blood red nails and would do it so well and with such precision that no polish would even get on your fingers or clothes. He had also learned how to do facials and massages — you two would apply the masks on each other while sitting on the floor with beauty supplies surrounding you. Yet after the spa was over, he would insist on massaging your feet before going to bed.

It went perfectly fine until he started to tickle your feet relentlessly. Each time he started again and would accuse him, he would deny it and sneakily smile to himself. Then, when you went to bed angry, he would try to make it up to you by planting kisses on your shoulders and neck. Since every Thursday is court day and would take him longer than usual, you would wake up that morning to the scent and sight of your favorite flowers in an elegant case on the night stand.

A small note would be attached with a poem Demetri wrote himself. One week it would be about your beauty, another week it would be about your personality, one week would be about the amazing time he had on your date.

Demetri would sit you on his lap in the arm chair in the corner, as Felix and Santiago play as Princess Peach and Bowser, respectively. They were also not afraid of role playing. Do you even call that dump a castle? Who just hit me with those stupid turtle shells?!

Especially, if it was a horror movie because you would be burying your face in his neck and gripping onto him for dear life, wanting him to protect you from all the scary monsters — even though he is one himself. Then after the movie, on Sunday morning, you would have so much left over candy that you decide to take Demetri to the Volterra orphanage to give the children the remains of your movie night snacks.

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The children loved it, almost as much as they loved Demetri. They would climb all over him and wrap themselves around his legs to try to prevent him from leaving. Demetri was so terrified of these small, fragile but scary human newborns, but you just giggled and pulled the children off him, promising them a story.Originally posted by fanfic-fanfic-everywhere.

Keep reading. The screaming was the worst part, I knew Alec had to feed, but my goodness did he have to torture them?

I sat on the amethyst velvet sofa that Alec had in his room while trying to read one of the books I found on one of his many bookshelves. The next bloodcurdling scream echoed through the corridors bouncing off the sienna colored stone walls. I stood up suddenly, throwing my book to the ground and covering my ears tightly.

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I felt my legs weaken which caused me to fall to the ground. I know you hate it. I smelled the iron on his breath and nearly gagged. It bothered me at first, but after being with Alec for so long, I got used to it. One is trying to escape. Alec walked with her down the corridor. With the sudden realization that I had to use the bathroom I exited the room and walked down a narrow passageway.

I always got lost in this place, the doors all looked the same and the walls had no marks to determine where you were. Alec walked over and dug his teeth into her neck ripping a chunk of flesh off of her.

She fell to her knees as I gasped. I stood frozen, had I just seen my boyfriend kill an innocent woman. I ran as fast as I could out of the building. Alec of course caught up with me in a split second, his hands grabbed my forearms bruising my fragile human skin. Look at me! Talk to me! Parking a few ways from the staircase that leads up towards the schools entrace Charlie gives Renesmee once last look over, planting a peck on her forehead they smile at each other before she exits the car.

Charlie gives her a thumbs up and watches as she walks up the stairs towards the school, just as she begins to enter he drives off sighing to himself, they grow up so fast, he thinks. Finding her way around school was hard. Her teachers were friendly and so far a couple of boys had come up to her and have been out right sexist and overly aggressive when it came to flirting with her.

Sighing Renesmee sinked back farther into her seat, she wore a beautiful sweater that her aunt Alice picked up for her before they left town.

Throwing the sweaters hood up over her head she sighed and rested her head up against the desk. Prompt requested by mordjanethanks so much hun!

twilight volturi x child reader

Like the reader having a crush on him and too shy to admit but she tries to give him hints and all? Originally posted by fandomnationwhore. Right now was one of the said moments where she managed to be the clumsiest vampire ever, having tripped over whatever was in her way and landed right in the arms of her longtime crush, Alec.

She quickly, and quite carefully, left him with a smile, making her way further into the garden where she could wallow in her embarrassment away from the very confused witch twin. Her crimson eyes glanced around the flowers as she blocked out the arguments from inside, she gently reached forward and plucked two roses from the bush and smelled them, smiling softly because the smell reminded her very vaguely of the blurry figure she knew to be her mother and made her happy.

She expected Alec to come stomping into the garden, anger pooled off him in copious amounts as he roughly took a seat beside her, glaring at the array of warm colored flowers. Can you do a one shot were the reader is Alec's human mate and Bellas sister and the Cullens find out about her and Alec and try to keep them apart.

You felt hot tears come down your face as your sister sits you down with the cullens.

twilight volturi x child reader

You rubbed your eyes furiously. Become one of you guys? What do you plan on doing with Bella then? You were just shaking.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on!

Remember Me. A girl who sees the future meets a girl who sees the past. Their connection grows into more than either could have ever dreamt, new memories are made and many secrets are uncovered.

But can you really escape the life you thought you'd left behind? All she could feel was pain whenever she moved, this was like was Edward left Bella in the forest but this was much MUCH worse.

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Blue Adams never had anything to tie her down, needing to keep busy she takes a case that leads her to a new friend and even more mysteries. She begins to uncover truths that had be buried for centuries and finds herself wound up in a world that tests her ability to adapt.

They seemed like nice people with a troubled past, and he had no problem getting along with either of them. In fact, they seemed to get along with everyone. The only thing he never expected was the chaos that would follow them.

During the Cullen's stay with the Denalis, they meet a coven of vampires, who are descended from a venomline that the Volturi themselves thought was wiped out. But there is a newborn in the group, and he is the true mate to none other than the Jasper Whitlock, also known as the God of War. Jasper never thought his mate would be a African-American man, who just entered this immortal life.

Will Dorian and Jasper live to be together or will they be torn apart by others? Chastity Salvatore is the personification of lust. She's a hybrid, the only one of her kind, half succubus, half vampire.

She feeds not only off the blood of the living but the Chi, the sexual energy of her conquests. Follow her through her ten year journey of family, friendship, loss, reveals, gods, vampires, werewolves, shifters, witches, super soldiers and aliens. After Edward left, Bella had no interest in becoming a Vampire. What was the point of being immortal, if you had no one to spend eternity with? After years of trying to forget what lay in the past, closing your eyes to the shadows it had cast over your life, its happenings had eventually catched up with you.

In an instance, you found yourself entering this other world, a world much darker than you wanted to admit, once again. Only time can tell whether certain wounds can be healed or whether they will stay forever petrified in pain. Xenia Black is the cousin of Jacob Black and she is the original alpha of the Push pack, but Xenia never wanted any of this and, despite her duty, ignores it, letting Sam be the Alpha and in charge of the pack.

Xenia was never interested in the legends of the cold, she simply wants to live in peace. But what if It was intended for several important vampire covens.Feedback is always appreciated. Once you meet all eyes return to natural colour. For this particular fic, the reader will have one brown eye and a golden one, so if you have another eye colour, sorry! You had brown and golden eyes. Eventually, you reached your first class.

The rest of the class went slowly; Alice and you spent the entire class whispering to each other, getting to know better and at one point when the class ended you both parted ways but not before she told you that she would see you later. But that day he felt different; before when he entered the cafeteria he would be overwhelmed by the number of feelings he would get from all the people in there, but that day when he entered he felt nothing but joy and anxiousness.

She was sitting alone reading a book, clearly entranced by it as she seemed to not pay attention to the crowded and loud cafeteria, but his intense staring was cut off once Alice spoke up. Come here one second! He slowly got closer to you, his face revealing his evident shock and before you could even say something he spoke, a smile getting into his face.

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